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PAW OF DUTY is a light (30 minute, two player) non-collectible card game of tactical kitty warfare.

  • Choose and deploy a feline Huntress, Pilot, or Tank into the 5x5 battlezone each turn.
  • Issue commands to units using tactic cards. Queue up a series of actions to control key spaces and capture enemy kitties.
  • Line up 3 friendly units to win. If this deceptively simple objective cannot be accomplished, focus on capturing the enemy's units to amass end-game victory points.

  • Position-based combo system - Experience highly rewarding, multi-card plays that dictate the flow of battle.
  • Strategic - Employ flexible playstyles and tactics each turn through a variety of unit placement and command options.
  • Thematic - Choose from an arsenal of unique, individually illustrated card abilities that will transport you directly into the combat zone.
  • Highly replayable - Mix and match endless combinations of feline tactic cards to control the battlefield.


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