Action Selection

Implemented some minor changes to the way simultaneous action selection works in Gunfighter.

Here is a run-down of the new rules (from the updated manual that is currently available with the PnP files):

In the previous version, players select their actions by pointing to a revealed card / playmat action OR by playing a card from their hand. While this worked, it was a bit clumsy since there were multiple ways of selecting an action.

The new rules implement the game box as a sort of "blinder sheet". When both players are ready to select their action, the blinder sheet is placed between them and the players must secretively put a token on their selected action. When each player has finished placing their token, the blinder sheet is lifted to reveal the players' action selections at the same time.

This new rule change serves to limit the action selection process to simply placing a token on the selected action. Hopefully, this will make the game easier to play (especially for newer players).

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