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There’s a score to settle... 

Gunfighters stare each other down, ever watchful for the other's slightest movements.

As the setting sun casts its final glow upon these tragic contenders, a blossoming flash of gunfire signals the beginning of the end.

GUNFIGHTER is a two-player dueling game where each player equips eight skill cards at the beginning of the showdown. These skills range from stylish shooting and dodging sequences to taunting  or even instilling fear in the opponent.

During the duel, both players take their actions at the same time. The goal is threefold: maintain your accuracy and bullet reserves, successfully land shots on the enemy, and avoid the enemy's shots.

While the objectives are straightforward, the multitude of individual playstyles and card combinations create endless opportunities for players to outwit their opponents.

  • Lightweight - Quick to learn and set up. Simply print the game, cut out the components, and play! ~30 minutes per duel.
  • Highly replayable - You'll never play against the same enemy twice. Vast combinations of skill cards and playstyles lead to unique duels every time.
  • Original artwork that will drop you straight amidst an action-packed shootout in the Old West.

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Published Nov 22, 2017
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
GenreCard Game
TagsBoard Game, Western
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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Gunfighter Deck (54 cards)
Gunfighter Manual
Character Sheets